WHAKAINU | drink


Hiakai’s beverage offerings are an expression of quality ingredients and produce, with a focus on sustainability, integrity, and simple enjoyment.

We choose New Zealand wine that matters to us - wine that tells a story about where it came from, and the people who made it. We love wine that is made with respect for our lands and their ecologies, are always looking for new and left-field approaches, and have respect for New Zealand’s flagship producers that helped shape what New Zealand wine means on the global stage.

From overseas, we choose to offer products that are full of character- we like exploring the rough and raw edges of unaged spirits and uncommon botanicals, and finding the hidden or unexpected harmonies with our food and local ingredients. We also love unique expressions of terroir, and evocative wine, regardless of its origin, will always have a place at the table alongside our food.

Our drinks program takes inspiration from the precision and focus of our kitchen, and offers a modern, simple, and flavour-forward approach, but we like to keep a few tricks up our sleeve to surprise and delight our guests.

We want everyone to be able to engage with everything Hiakai has to offer, and are happy to offer an equally thoughtful, contemporary, and exciting beverage match without alcohol.