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Food Ethos

We love Aotearoa, it’s the place we call home and we want to share all the flavours we love about our home with our guests.  Our food menus are inspired by the land, sea, and people of Aotearoa.  Tītī Bird, Red Matipo, Mamaku - items rarely seen on a restaurant menu are regular stars on ours. We place a special focus on researching and showcasing Māori and Polynesian ingredients in modern and innovative ways. This unique style has earned us an accolade or two which is nice, but to us, our guests and their dining experience is what matters the most and not the awards we may gather along the way.

"On one side the food was deeply satisfying and struck a chord with me like no other has; it was my soul food. Yet on the other, so intelligent and thought-provoking that it took a few days to mentally digest."

- Jonny Schwass

Review: "Finding My Soul Food"

Cuisine Magazine

"This chef is forging a path and showing the food community just how good our New Zealand-grown ingredients can be."

- Lauraine Jacobs

Article: "The riches of Maori food."

The New Zealand Listener